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  • Shopping Online for a Diamond Ring

    asscher cut diamond

    I was just on one of the best known and largest online diamond retailer recently. Using the website’s diamond search functions, I adjusted the carat weight, clarity, cut, color, and price sliders and found an amazing number of diamonds to choose from.

    Here’s what I used for setting the slider bars:

    – 0.81ct. and larger

    – Very Good Cut and better

    – “I” Color and higher

    – SI1 Clarity and higher

    – $4,000 to $4,100 price range

    I ended up with 56 diamonds to consider! The selection ranges from an 0.81ct. Ideal Cut, VS2, E color to a 1.00ct. Very Good Cut, SI1, I color.

    The point I want to highlight is: having a great selection like this from a solid company with a bulletproof return policy is absolutely a consumer’s dream come true!

    I believe using this online tool properly can also help you understand the 4Cs and how they can be adjusted to affect the prices of diamonds. You can use the information gathered from an online diamond retailer to check prices that are being charged at your local jewelry stores. And if you go a step further, you can use it to negotiate with your local jeweler to match diamond prices listed online.

    Thinking outside of the box….

    When you are in the market to buy diamond jewelry or loose diamonds, there are “normal” ranges that most people consider and a usual range of diamonds that jewelers will have in stock.

    Now, you could, and should give some consideration to clarity enhanced diamonds. These are a bit difficult to find online but your local jeweler might be able to get some for you to see. Sometimes, these treated diamonds may not the best choice for a ring because of the wear and tear that rings go through. However, they could end up being an excellent choice at very good price points for earrings or a pendant!

    And if you’d like a bit of color in your life, check out the possibilities offered by fancy color diamonds that are available from specialized retailers like Leibish. If the natural fancy color diamonds are a bit too pricey, you may also want to consider color enhanced diamonds. These are more affordable choices if you can’t afford the budget for a colored diamond.

    Now, these colored diamonds don’t have to be for the bigger diamonds in a piece of jewelry. The smaller diamonds can and do come in different colors as well. You may also want to consider a larger colorless “white” diamond with smaller side diamonds in yellow, green, blue, or pink.

    The possibilities that you can mix and match with for your dream ring are practically endless!