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  • How to Choose the Perfect Unique Engagement Ring

    vintage diamond ring

    Your story, and your relationship, is unlike any other. The last thing that she’ll want when you pop the question is a ring that every other girl will be wearing this season. Your future fiancé has individual style and taste, and that should come across in this all-important piece of jewelry. You already know she’s the right one for you, how do you choose the right ring for her? These ideas should give you a head start.

    If she’s the romantic type…

    This lady likes long walks on the beach, chick flicks, and love letters. For her, go for a heart shaped ring. Yes, they make those. It is an obvious choice for someone who’s over the moon about grand gestures. If this seems like a little much, but you still want to keep the romance burning, go for a stone with pink or red coloring.

    Rubies are beautiful, and pink diamonds are all the rage right now, yet still unique. With this girl, how you propose is very important. She will want it to be at the top of the romance chart, and something she’ll remember for her whole life, so spend some time prepping.

    She’s a girl with class…

    She is sensible, well-groomed and stylish. She’s the type who will want something that will always be gorgeous and never go out of fashion. This lady will fall head over heels for an oval or round shaped stone. These are classic shapes that look good on just about everyone. Bonus points if there are extra small stones to surround the main shape. This type of gal will most definitely want a diamond, just warning you now. Diamonds are the most classic stone that exists and last forever.

    Lady who’s all about modern…

    This girl reads the fashion magazines, tries out new haircuts, and stays up on every trend that comes around. She knows what’s in and out, and loves to be on the cutting edge. She will adore a square shaped ring. These are flashy and stylish, while still being extremely beautiful. All women love diamonds, but she might like something with a different stone, for added uniqueness, such as a sapphire or emerald. Make sure to get advice from her more subtle friends, as they will probably know what kind of jewelry she would like most, and her opinion may change often.

    cushion cut halo ring

    A little bit of history…

    If vintage is her thing and she basks in settings from the past, there are a few shapes that will appeal to her. The emerald is similar to the square shape, but with a sharper and more lifted appearance. This is a no brainer for a girl who loves historical novels. Another classic yet vintage shape is the marquis. It is not often seen, so the individualism factor is there. It has a point at each end similar to a diamond shape, but longer. This is for those who love to be appreciated for who they are.

    She is all that’s unique…

    If your lady wants to be the only girl in the room with her ring type, try one of these. A pear-shaped diamond could be ideal, as they are few and far between and very different. The opposite of this, or the same stone flipped upside down, is the teardrop shape. Perfect for those looking to make a statement. A marquise is also still rare enough to be considered very unique, so it is also a good buy for this type of woman.

    Color and extras

    Remember that the more individualistic your lady is, the greater the chance of her wanting something other than a diamond. Be prepared to look at some different gems for her. If she prefers the sensible approach, chances are good that a diamond is exactly what she’ll be after. Little details like engraving or entwining bands say a lot, as well. It means you appreciate her uniqueness and celebrate it.

    If at all possible, get some background info from her sister, best friend, or someone close to her that can keep a secret. They should have a good idea of what she likes, or at least be able to find out quietly. This can keep you from playing the guessing game! Overall, remember to have fun with the process and pick something beautiful.